Alpine Electronics, distributed exclusively in Canada by Gentec International, is now shipping the X110-SLV and X110-SRA, the first aftermarket audio/video/navigation/Bluetooth® systems equipped with a ground-breaking 10-inch capacitive touch screen.

The X110-SLV and X110-SRA are new additions to the Alpine Restyle family of products, which consist of full-featured touch screen systems packaged with vehicle specific dash bezels and control keys. In addition to being the largest full featured systems in the aftermarket, both models also have system expansion capabilities that allow them to serve as the control hub for add-on products.

“Alpine is again pushing ahead with exceptional solutions that meet the needs of truck owners,” said Steve Crawford, vice president and general manager, aftermarket business unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. “The X110-SLV and X110-SRA, for the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, respectively, are the only 10-inch aftermarket systems available and are high quality upgrades since equivalent aftermarket solutions do not exist for these trucks due to their non-standard dash openings.”

Designed with Details for a Factory Look

The X110-SLV and X110-SRA are Alpine engineered for 2014-up Chevrolet Silverado trucks and GMC Sierra trucks. They come with a dash bezel that entirely replaces the OEM radio area and control keys that match the shape and color of the truck. A large rotary encoder knob allows for fast volume control, while big function keys give immediate access to the most-used features like navigation and music. The X110-SLV has crystal keys back-lit with blue lighting to match the Silverado’s gauge cluster and a blue color scheme for the on-screen graphical user interface (GUI). The X110-SLV was named a winner of the CES 2016 Innovation Award in the In Vehicle Audio/Video category. For the X110-SRA, red lighting and a red color scheme are used to match the Sierra’s gauge cluster. Both come with vehicle specific wiring harnesses for plug and play installation.

New Hardware Platform and Operating System

Both the 2014-up Chevrolet Silverado and 2014-up GMC Sierra have shallow depth space behind the dash which cannot fit a traditional 2-DIN audio/video/navigation (AVN) chassis. The X110-SLV and X110-SRA use a new modular platform where the processing chassis is not attached to the screen. Instead, it’s a separate piece that replaces the OEM radio module in its existing location behind the dash, but detached from the screen. The result is a completely bolt-in solution with no cutting or modification of the vehicle required. All the needed wire harnesses and connectors are also included.

The X110-SLV and X110-SRA also incorporate a new GUI based on a new graphics rendering engine with swipe action control for 4-way movement — left, right, up and down. The user is always one swipe away from the most commonly accessed functions. A left swipe accesses the navigation commands, a right swipe accesses audio and video commands, a swipe up accesses adjustments to the audio system or rear seat entertainment system (sold separately) and a swipe down accesses Bluetooth and source selection. Within the audio and video page, the user can swipe across to access the entertainment sources connected to the system.

System Expansion Capabilities

Both the X110-SLV and X110-SRA can serve as control hubs for other accessories. When either system is used with the optional KAC-001 External Accessory Control Module (sold separately), the 10-inch screen becomes a hub for touch screen control of add-on truck accessories like a motorized tonneau cover, winch, air suspension, LED lights, headlights, etc. Eight individual outputs are available to control eight relay-connected accessories. A graphical icon and custom text label can be assigned to each accessory for quick identification on the screen. The individual accessories can be configured as pulsed, latched or momentary outputs.

The X110-SLV and X110-SRA are compatible with Alpine’s rear and front camera systems. The KCX-C250MC Multi-Camera Controller (sold separately) can be added to optimize the use of multiple camera systems. This optional module allows up to three camera systems (rear, front and side) to be controlled from the 10-inch touch screen. This provides one-touch viewing of any of the camera images on the 10-inch screen.

Retained Factory Features

The X110-SLV and X110-SRA each come with an iDatalink® Maestro® module and specific T-harness to retain select factory vehicle controls and features. The retained features for both models include steering wheel controls, navigation outputs, climate control display, warning chimes, OnStar® (voice commands, Bluetooth® hands free calling and WiFi hot spot retention) and visual parking guides when used with an Alpine or factory rear view camera. Customized vehicle information such as tire pressure, battery voltage, door status, check engine codes, factory settings and user selectable gauges can be viewed on the 10-inch screen.

Video and Navigation Features

The Restyle dash systems have a high-resolution screen for crisp, detailed picture quality. The Dual Zone video control lets drivers use a source in the dash while the back seat passengers enjoy a separate video on the rear seat screen (optional rear seat entertainment system sold separately). Both models have an HDMI input for connectivity to HDMI-enabled devices and an HDMI output for digital connection to a rear seat entertainment system (KCX-630HD HDMI switcher required).

Alpine’s proprietary navigation interface includes pre-loaded maps of the United States, Canada and more than seven million Points of Interest (POIs). Major landmarks, buildings and terrain details for major cities are depicted in 3-D. Driving directions are delivered through text-to-speech announcements and the highway services list displays the services available at each exit (gas, food, ATMs, etc.) to help drivers make quick decisions while en route. The systems come with free lifetime HERE Traffic RDS service.