Gentec International is pleased to announce the rebirth of its Energy Connoisseur line of premium home theatre cables.

The flagship line has been completely redesigned to incorporate the most advanced technologies in cable engineering, construction, and materials to ensure maximum performance from the newest audio and video devices. Much has changed since the introduction of the first Connoisseur cable in 2005 – 1080p, ultra-slim profile HDTVs, custom in-wall installation, and the introduction of 3D at home. The new line of Connoisseur cables specifically addresses each of these popular trends.

Connoisseur HDMI cables offer full 3D support and 1080p+ HD certification. Manufactured in an approved HDMI factory, they are HDMI 1.4 certified and offer High-Speed with Ethernet functionality best suited for the new 3D-ready HDTVs and network capable devices that are slowly emerging in the market.

Connoisseur cables are in-wall certified, with a fireproof (FT-4 fire-rated) PVC jacket that allows custom installation behind walls. The proprietary ArmourFlex™ protective braiding shields the cables from damage and makes in-wall pulling easier. And, in an effort to be environmentally responsible, even the packaging has been redesigned to be 35% smaller than previous packaging and fully recyclable.

The new Connoisseur cables are simply the finest Energy cables engineered to date and are guaranteed to deliver the best home theatre experience possible.