Gentec International is pleased to announce an exclusive Canadian distribution agreement for DeluxGear products. Under its Optex brand, Gentec will offer several innovative accessories for DSLR cameras and lenses, including the Lens Guard™, Lens Cradle™, and Neo Camera Strap™.

Lens Guard™
The new, patent-pending Lens Guard™ is a thick, padded cover that fits snugly over the end of a lens for complete protection. The Lens Guard™ absorbs impact and prevents scratches, dents, and cracks to the lens, so photographers can walk through a crowded venue, wade through wedding reception tables, or even accidentally drop their lens without worrying about costly damage.

The lightweight Lens Guard™ is encased in a tough, two-millimetre santoprene outer cover; its cushioned, waterresistant inner core is made of thick, six-millimetre closed-cell neoprene. This combination provides lenses with impact protection against even the hardest of hits. A built-in tether connects the Lens Guard™ to your lens, camera strap, or camera body, so it is always close at hand. It will fit lenses with or without filters or lens caps, and can be attached to both the front and rear of the lens. Tested for use in extreme conditions, it can be used in temperatures from -40° to 110° Celsius. Lens Guard™ is available in three sizes to fit a wide variety of lenses with diameters ranging from 63.5 to 96.5 millimetres; each has a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Lens Cradle™
The patented Lens Cradle™ has two main components: the Neo Duet Camera Strap™ and the Cradle Mount™. The Neo Duet Camera Strap™ incorporates thick neoprene, lycra for stretch, and a non-slip backing to ensure comfort for your neck and shoulders. The Cradle Mount™ features a durable polycarbonate and auto-grade ABS blend platform that can be used with any lens that has a tripod collar.

Lightweight and easy to use, the Cradle Mount™ can support the heaviest of lenses and can be attached in two ways. When the mount is turned up, cradling the camera lens, the Neo Duet Camera Strap™ holds the lens up in a secure, horizontal position, which lightens the weight around your neck and protects the lens from damage that can occur when it is hanging down towards the ground, as on a traditional strap. When the Cradle Mount™ is inverted, it becomes a stable, bipod platform, and prevents the camera from tipping forward while resting on any surface. It can also be used in conjunction with any tripod or monopod that uses a quick-release plate. Ideal for outdoor and sports photography, the Lens Cradle™ system has a suggested retail price is $49.99.

Neo Camera Strap™
Designed for maximum comfort with any digital SLR camera, the Neo Camera Strap™ eases neck, shoulder, and arm strain with its ergonomic, Spandex-backed, six-millimetre neoprene shoulder pad. The anti-slip lining keeps the strap secure on your shoulder. With its multiple, contoured adjustment points, the strap can be extended to 147 centimetres in length, assuring a perfect fit for any photographer. Constructed with rubber ends to add strength and durability, the attachment straps are easily connected to any DSLR camera. Or, using the quick-release buckles, you can remove the shoulder pad to connect the straps together to make a convenient carrying handle. The suggested retail price of the Neo Camera Strap™ is $19.99.