Building on the success of the four original iQ wall mounts, Gentec International is pleased to introduce five new models that lead the category with innovative design and exclusive features not offered by competitors.

The IQLP1 and IQLPT1 compliment the growing trend of slim, low-profile LCD and LED HDTVs, allowing you to hang your television as close as 14mm from the wall (IQLP1). Both mounts are easy to install and offer convenient lateral adjustment. Each accommodates 37-inch to 65-inch televisions, with the IQLP1 supporting 60 kilograms and the IQLPT1 supporting 68 kilograms. Additionally, the IQLPT1 offers tilt adjustment up to 12-degrees.

The IQMS1R and IQLS1R are the only in-wall recessed swing arm mounts on the market today. They make it possible to install your television closer to the wall than ever before. And with integrated cable and power management, the recessed box not only hides the swing arm, it also hides all of your cables. The IQMS1R accommodates 23-inch to 40-inch televisions up to 36 kilograms; the IQLS1R supports 37-inch to 65-inch televisions up to 90 kilograms. Professional installation is recommended for both models.

The IQPRO1 is a fully adjustable, universal mount designed for ceiling mounted projectors up to 15 kilograms. Easy to install, this heavy-duty, solid steel mount is compatible with most popular HD projectors, and features a quick disconnect mechanism for easy access and maintenance.

All iQ mounts are subject to stringent quality control and include a ten-year warranty. Suggested retail prices are: IQLP1 Ultra-Slim Mount – $99.99; IQLPT1 Ultra-Slim Tilt Mount – $119.99; IQMS1R In-Wall Swing Arm Mount – $249.99; IQLS1R In-Wall Swing Arm Mount – $399.99; IQPRO1 Universal Projector Mount – $99.99.