Gentec International is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with Marumi Optical Co. Ltd. for the distribution of their digital filters in the Canadian market as of April 1st, 2015.

“We are excited to work with Gentec International as our distributor for Marumi optical products in Canada,” stated Mr. Kyoji Tamai – General Manager – International Sales Dept., Marumi Optical Co., Ltd. “Gentec has a proven track record as the largest distributor of photo accessories in Canada and we know Marumi optical products will have great success in the marketplace with Gentec’s support and infrastructure.”

Founded in 1952, Marumi Optics Co. Ltd. has focused on innovating, developing and manufacturing camera filters in the photographic industry. Leveraging that technology and experience, Marumi led the world by developing the DHG (Digital High Grade) series of filters for digital interchangeable lens cameras in 2003. Currently, digital cameras are entering a new era and cameras with more sophisticated sensors providing higher resolution and better colour control are now available on the market. In response to these technological advances, Marumi is creating superb lens filters for the new generation of sophisticated digital cameras. The new lines of filters provide exceptional performance, features and functionality to support photographers’ artistic creations.

“Marumi filters have a long standing reputation for quality and innovation in the photographic market,” stated Joel Seigel, President and CEO of Gentec International. “ It is our goal to bring their high quality filters to the Canadian marketplace and expand on their global success.”

Gentec will carry a wide variety of filters designed for digital photography from Marumi, including the new Fit & Slim Multi-coated filters, MC Lens Protector, MC UV and Circular Polarizers, plus a selection of quality special effect photographic filters. Marumi products are expected to be available from Gentec in April 2015. Exact pricing will be announced closer to that time.