Gentec International is pleased to introduce the new C Series of digital video tripods from Velbon, featuring ultra-smooth Vel-flo panheads.

The first of three in the series is the C400, a deluxe, lightweight digital video tripod with the ultra-smooth, two-way Vel-flo® 5 fluid panhead and quick-release plate. It extends to 146 cm and folds down to 57 cm. Weighing only
1.3 kg, it can support up to 2 kg on its sturdy 2 cm diameter legs.

The C500 is a deluxe, full-featured, digital video tripod featuring the ultra-smooth, two-way Vel-flo® 7 fluid panhead and quick-release plate. The C500 extends to 152 cm and folds down to 62 cm. It weighs 1.7 kg and can support up to 3 kg on its 2.3 cm diameter legs.

The C600 deluxe, full-featured, heavy-duty digital video tripod uses the ultra-smooth, two-way Vel-flo® 9 fluid panhead with quick-release plate. It extends 163 cm and folds down to 67 cm. This solid tripod weighs 2 kg and supports up to 4 kg on its heavy-duty 2.7 cm diameter legs.

All three models offer a bubble level for fine adjustments, a geared centre column with preset friction control for precise vertical positioning, and 3-section, radially-braced, aluminum legs with quick-release leg locks and non-slip rubber feet. The C500 and C600 also incorporate retractable spikes for added stability in rough terrain.

The suggested retail price of the C400 is $69.99. The C500 retails for $89.99. And the retail price of the C600 is $119.99.