Gentec International is pleased to announce the SteadePod™, a fast and easy way to steady your camera.

The SteadePod can be used instead of a tripod or monopod for low-light conditions, long exposures, or with long zoom lenses. Compact and lightweight (about the size of a tape measure and weighing less than four ounces), you can take it with you anywhere, even places where you can’t take tripods or monopods. It’s perfect for travel, sporting events, hiking, museums, or any situation where mobility and ease of use are essential.

The SteadePod is especially useful when taking photographs that require a long exposure, where the effects of camera movement are most noticeable. A standard rule for photographers recommends a tripod be used with any exposure slower than 1/60th of a second. The SteadePod has been successfully used with exposures much slower than 1/60th of a second, making it perfect for low light situations, like sunsets and night shots.

The SteadePod is easy to use with a compact digital camera, DSLR, or digital video camera. Simply screw the SteadePod into the camera or camcorder, the same as you would with a tripod. A stainless steel cable extended from the SteadePod is anchored by a footpad. With a slight amount of tension placed on the cable, the camera is steadied. The SteadePod is versatile and quickly adjusts to different camera heights and angles. A ratchet and locking mechanism allows positioning of the camera for a steady picture nearly anywhere between six inches and six feet. The swiveling camera pad enables seamless transitions from portrait to landscape compositions.

Visit Gentec’s YouTube site ( to watch a product video featuring the Optex SteadePod.

Manufactured in the USA, the SteadePod is covered by a lifetime service policy. The suggested retail price of the Optex SteadePod is $29.99.