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Gentec launches online product training program through new E-Learning Centre website

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gentec International is pleased to announce the launch of its new E-Learning Centre, an innovative online product training program designed to keep retail sales staff informed and educated about Gentec’s products by providing up-to-date information and resources at their finger tips.

In another step towards enhancing Gentec’s retail relationships and high level of customer service, the new program offers a convenient online solution for sales staff to learn more about Gentec’s product lines, improving their product knowledge and their effectiveness on the sales floor.

Taking advantage of Gentec’s E-Learning Centre is easy. Sales staff simply log on to the dedicated website ( to register and receive a unique login and password. Easy to navigate, the site has many learning modules in video format, coupled with comprehensive quizzes that the associate can work through easily. Each quiz successfully completed earns the associate ballots that are entered into regular draws for prizes, including televisions and MP3 players. Associates can check their progress and access other useful product information any time of day, from any computer.

Regular communication is sent directly to the associate’s email address, updating them on their progress and announcing new training modules, selling tips, and new products. Retailers will be provided regular reporting as to the participation rates and progress of their sales staff.

For more information about Gentec’s E-Learning Centre, contact Aimee Houston, Marketing Services Manager, at 905-513-7733 or

About Gentec International

Gentec International is Canada’s leading consumer accessory products company supplying a complete range of photo, video, digital, sport optics, home theatre, electronics, wireless and mobile audio products to the Canadian retail marketplace. Gentec offers prominent brand names such as Optex, Sigma, Velbon, Gary Fong, Roots, iQ, SanDisk, Sunpak, Bushnell, Tasco, Zeiss, Remington Clothing, Planet Wireless, Energy, Sony, Electrohome, Prolink, Smarthome, Klipsch, Mirage, Jamo, and Stinger.

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