Klipsch Audio Canada announces the expansion of its X Series in-ear headphones, complete with the all-new X20i, X12i, XR8i hybrid and X6i models. The Klipsch Reference X Series in-ear headphones were designed from the ground up with four principles in mind: form follows comfort, use the finest materials available, bring the sound closer to the eardrum, and utilize the latest technologies for unsurpassed acoustical performance.

The flagship Klipsch X20i (SRP $599 CAD) in-ear headphone reproduces high frequencies with precision and bass that is clear, full and warm, making it the most revealing in-ear headphone Klipsch has ever made. It is powered by a true two-way dual armature design for broad bandwidth, and the high-resolution super tweeter allows for transparent sound. Crafted from injection-molded surgical-grade stainless steel and available in a black stainless finish, the Klipsch X20i is the smallest and most durable in-ear headphone available today. Accessorized with interchangeable cables and a leather carrying case, the X20i’s audiophile-grade performance delivers the Klipsch sound signature at its best.

Originally launched in January 2010 as X10i and August 2013 as X11i, the next generation of this award-winning model is the Klipsch X12i (SRP $429 CAD) in-ear headphone. The X12i’s small but mighty form factor employs a ported and vented audiophile balanced armature driver that delivers classic tube amplifier-like sound as well as deep bass. Available in a black finish, the feather-light Klipsch X12i is the brand’s smallest and lightest headphone.

The Klipsch XR8i (SRP $379 CAD) is the first hybrid in ear monitor and is optimal in both sound and comfort. Through the use of a unique carrier and a single nozzle we’ve decreased distortion and interference between the woofer and tweeter. To address comfort, XR8i’s die-cast zinc housing uses a pinched oval shape and offset nozzle which is optimized to contour the shape of the ear. The Klipsch XR8i hybrid in-ear headphone is available in a black finish.

The Klipsch X6i (SRP $279 CAD) features a single-full range armature and provides a razor-flat frequency response and high-clarity reference sound while fitting comfortably in the ear canal, all at a reasonable price in the line up. The X6i is available in a black finish. Both X8Ri and X6i models are crafted from die-cast zinc for optimal weight in the ear canal and co-molded elastomer for durability and comfort.

Each X Series model is equipped with patented oval ear tips for which Klipsch is known, providing endless hours of comfortable wear. Unlike circular-shaped ear tips that put stress the pressure points inside the ear, Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips naturally fit the contours of the ear canal, providing comfortable long-term wear. These ear tips also offer superior noise isolation (or passive noise-cancellation), blocking out almost all ambient noise and providing excellent bass. Oval ear tips fit best, feel best and only Klipsch has them. Each model also includes a travel wallet carrying case.

The X Series model’s audio works with virtually any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack; however, the mic and three-button remote support all current and many legacy Apple products. Included with purchase are several different-sized oval ear tips, a protective carrying case, clothing clip and one-year warranty. All X Series models will be available at authorized Klipsch retailers across Canada in the first quarter of 2016.

A video interview with many of the Klipsch engineers demonstrating the technological advancements of the new X Series headphones can be viewed at www.bestsound.ca/headphones. Klipsch Ambassador DeMar DeRozan of the Toronto Raptors will also be using a range of X-Series products throughout the season for listening to his pre-game playlists, also available for streaming at www.bestsound.ca/newmusic.