Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Manfrotto products, announces the launch of Manfrotto’s professional line of Spectra compact LED light panels.

Providing continuous lighting with high colour rendition, Spectra is the perfect solution for professional videographers shooting on location or in the studio where natural lighting may not be sufficient to achieve the desired video quality. Spectra is also ideal for photographers who use LED lights as a secondary light source for portraits and product photography to fill shadows or add a catch-light in the subject’s eyes.

Spectra’s light output at 5600°K is of the highest quality to ensure accurate colour rendition without a tone-shift towards green. The intensity of the light can be regulated easily, with no flicker or colour shift when adjusting the light level up or down. For even greater control, the Spectra MLS900FT includes a tunable white option to dynamically change the light temperature of the LED from cold white to warm white, providing a superior level of light quality with precise colour control.

Designed to meet the needs of all videographers and photographers, Spectra is lightweight with a slim design that fits perfectly in any camera bag. Spectra is available in a range of sizes and a choice of beam angles, from a narrow spot light that lets you control the light on a subject to a wide flood light that can be used to brighten a large area. Designed for professional use, Spectra light panels utilize high-quality LED components that will last 50,000 hours. The low power consumption of the LEDs ensures extended battery life, offering a significant advantage to photographers shooting outdoors where battery recharging isn’t possible.

There are five Spectra models; each comes with a ball head and gel filter set. The smaller model is available in a spot version (MLS500S) and a flood version (MLS500F) with suggested retail prices of $229.95 and $299.95, respectively. The larger model also comes in a spot version (MLS900S) and a flood version (MLS900F) with suggested retail prices of $339.95 and $469.95, respectively. The large model is also available in a flood version with tunable colour temperature (MLS900FT) for a suggested retail price of $579.95.