Gentec International, the exclusive Canadian distributor of Manfrotto products, announces the new KLYP+, an all-in-one photographic solution to enhance the capability of your iPhone camera.

The KLYP+ system lets you accessorize your smartphone with a set of three interchangeable lenses, a brand new LED light, and a tripod mount. This compact, user-friendly system was designed by Manfrotto exclusively for iPhone 5/5s users who love to take photos or record videos to share with friends.

The foundation of the system is the KLYP+ protective bumper with its rubber outer edge that not only protects your iPhone from drops and scratches, it also acts as a connection system for the LED light and tripod mount. The bumper includes a lanyard for added security while shooting photos or videos; it also includes a kickstand that acts as a simple support and allows connection to any tripod. The bumper, lanyard, and kickstand are available in black, white, red and pink.

To enhance the photographic capability of your iPhone, the KLYP+ plus system includes a set of three interchangeable lenses that can be attached to the bumper simply by screwing them on. The Portrait lens improves image detail when photographing your family and friends; the Landscape lens is perfect for capturing stunning panoramas, while the Fisheye lens lets you create images with a unique perspective.

To improve photos in low-light situations, the KLYP+ system also includes an LED light with tripod mount. The continuous LED light features new Surface Mount LED Technology, displaying a 60° beam angle to ensure very bright images in low-light conditions and makes an ideal soft fill light. The high-quality Manfrotto LEDs also ensure vivid colours and natural skin tones, both in photos and videos, without the annoying red-eye effect typical with standard on-camera flash. The LED light comes with a built-in tripod mount that has been specifically designed to connect easily to the light itself or to the four locking points on the protective bumper.

The compact size and user-friendly design of the complete KLYP+ system makes it the perfect photographic accessory for your iPhone. The KLYP+ bumper comes on its own at a suggested retail price of $59.95 (MCKLYP5SB Black, MCKLYP5SW White, MCKLYP5SR Red, MCKLYP5SP Pink). It is also available in a kit with the LED light (MKLKLYP5S, $129.95), or set of three lenses (MKOKLYP5S, $129.95), or as a complete system with the light and lenses (MKLOKLYP5S, $219.95). The LED light (MLKLYP5S) and lenses (MOKLYP5S) are also sold separately at suggested retail prices of $99.95 and $109.95, respectively.

In conjunction with the KLYP+ system, Manfrotto has also introduced the KLYPapp+, which allows you to enhance your iPhone camera’s performance and personalize your images. The KLYPapp+ includes a noise-activated shutter release, allowing you to take hands-free pictures, and it lets you set focus and exposure manually. The complete, easy-to-use post-production software lets you apply filters, frames, and watermarks to photos and videos. You can also boost your video recording experience by adding time lapse and stop motion effects. The KLYPapp+ is available for $0.99 from the iTunes App store; the previous version, KLYPapp, is also available on the site and can be downloaded for free.