Gentec International, announces the exclusive Canadian distribution of Knog’s action video light, the Qudos Action. Surfing after sunset. Riding at midnight. Diving to new depths: the immaculately designed Qudos Action will highlight the night.

Offering unprecedented freedom for nocturnal thrill-seekers, the Qudos Action seamlessly partners the GoPro 2 and Hero3/Hero3+, as well as Sony action cam or any action camera with GoPro conversion mounts. Delivering a mighty 400 lumens of light from its three powerful Cree LEDs and weighing only 150 grams, the Qudos Action has multiple modes to adjust brightness and beam angle, allowing users to control their shots in any scene or location – whether deep underwater, high in the sky, or anywhere in between.

Creating great video isn’t a limited domain anymore. Like DSLRs have democratised great photography, GoPro, Sony, Garmin and others have made action film-making available to everyone. But it’s still hard to get good footage in the dark. And that means some people’s talents never see the light of day, so to speak. The Qudos Action will highlight those people who do crazy, adventurous, interesting things at night. Hence the name it’s time to give people the kudos they deserve”.

The Qudos Action’s sealed rear battery door, marine grade aluminium heat sink and faceplate are engineered to light underwater descents to depths of 40m, while the durable LiPo rechargeable battery provides the power for perfect footage. Available in midnight black or bullet-proof silver to match the Go-Pro gear, the Qudos Action looks every bit as good as the films it helps create.

The Qudos Action is available in 2 colours, Bullet-Proof Silver and Midnight Black and retails for $149.95 and will be available in Canada in October 2014.

Also offered is a Qudos Action Batteries Pack, including LiPo Rechargeable Battery, USB Recharge, Micro USB Extension Cable, which retails for $49.95, and Qudos Action Mount Pack which retails for $24.95. These will be available in Canada in October 2014.