Gentec International is pleased to announce the addition of the new Power Bar to its Energy line of speakers. The Power Bar, the brand’s first-ever soundbar, lets you upgrade your sound system with plug-and-play simplicity – there’s no need for a receiver.

The two-way soundbar houses two domed tweeters and two 3-inch drivers that deliver clear, distortion-free sound reproduction. The drivers are aligned using Energy’s exclusive Convergent Source Module (CSM) technology, which places tweeters and mid-woofers in close proximity to act as a single source for coherent, seamless dispersion. The
soundbar comes complete with an 8-inch wireless subwoofer with a down-firing fibre composite cone and ported enclosure for precise, room-filling bass performance.

Measuring 30-inches in length and featuring an elegant black satin finish, the Energy Power Bar is the perfect companion for high-definition televisions, and a necessary substitute for underwhelming flat-screen speakers. The remote control learning feature allows the easy-to-install-and-use system to function via your existing television

The Energy Power Bar is designed to quickly connect to most televisions without additional cables. The supplied digital optical cable connects the soundbar to your television’s digital audio output. For those few televisions without an optical audio output, there is also a 2-channel analog input (cable not included). The soundbar can be positioned
on a shelf or stand using the supplied rubber feet, or it can be wall-mounted using the easy-to-use mounting template. The Energy Power Bar has a suggested retail price of $599.99.