Gentec International is pleased to introduce several additions to its line of premium Velbon tripods, including the professional GEO series tripods and four new tripod heads.

GEO Series Tripods
Velbon’s new GEO series tripods are constructed from a unique carbon fibre and basalt composite material, giving the legs superior strength and rigidity while being lightweight and easy to handle. The new centre column quickrelease lever allows quick adjustments of the column height, while the two-section design allows the column to be split for low-level photography. All three new models include a multi-use pochette/strap that can slip over the end of the tripod legs for comfortable transport and can double as a stone bag for added stability in windy conditions.

The GEO E635 includes a four-way magnesium pan head that is both strong and lightweight. The multi-angle, three-section, quick-release legs extend to 176 centimetres. The suggested retail price is $479.99. The GEO N730 features heavy-duty, three-section legs that extend to 191 centimetres, while the GEO N840 offers heavy-duty foursection legs that extend to 201 centimetres. Both tripods incorporate rugged rubber feet with retractable spikes for added stability on a variety of surfaces. Suggested retail prices for the GEO N730 and GEO N840 are $579.99 and $729.99 respectively.

Tripod Heads
Four new tripod heads offer photographers a choice of sizes and styles to suit their needs. For video cameras and video-capable DSLRs, the FHD-71Q fluid pan head delivers ultra-smooth operation for professional-looking videos. The suggested retail price is $229.99. The QHD-53D ball head features magnesium construction, making
it both strong and lightweight. It includes a quick-release plate and three bubble levels for precise positioning. The perfect companion for Velbon’s GEO and Sherpa Pro tripods, the QHD-53D sells for $89.99. The QHD-62Q and QHD-72Q ball heads both offer strong, lightweight magnesium construction, two bubble levels and an ultrasmooth, secure locking knob. The smaller QHD-62Q is ideal for Velbon’s GEO and Sherpa Pro tripod models and has a suggested retail price of $129.99; the larger QHD-72Q is perfect for larger professional tripods, such as the new GEO N730 and GEO N840, and has a suggested retail price of $169.99.