Energy Performance Cables, Connoisseur Cables, Maintenance Products

Warranty Duration: Lifetime

Warranty Description: Warranty against manufacturing defects to the original purchaser.

Energy – Veritas, Connoisseur Series, Take Series

Warranty Duration: 1/5 Years

Warranty Description: Limited Warranty Policy in the United States and Canada only. Energy Speaker Systems warrants this product to the original retail purchaser against any failure resulting from original manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials. The warranty is in effect for a period of: Passive Speakers – five (5) years, Powered Subwoofers – one (1) year from date of purchase from an authorized Energy Speakers dealer and is valid only if the original dated bill of sale is presented when service is required, by the original owner only. The warranty does not cover damage caused during shipment, by accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, unauthorized product modification, failure to follow the instructions outlined in the owner’s manual, failure to perform routine maintenance, and damage resulting from unauthorized repairs or claims based upon misrepresentations of the warranty by the seller.