The introduction of Klipsch’s Real Custom Cinema line into the Canadian market couldn’t be timelier – within the last year, the way in which films and media have been consumed has been relegated almost entirely to the home. The desire for a premium entertainment system as a centerpiece in the household has now been brought to the forefront and the required technology is now easily accessible to the market.

Klipsch Real Custom Cinema – dubbed “RCC” – is a professional-grade audio system that mimics the behind-the-screen audio systems found in traditional movie theatres. Based on the measurements of an established transparent projection screen, or one a consumer intends to purchase, there are three different sizes to choose from ranging from 102” to 122”+ screen sizes. The speaker system is designed to easily and compactly fit behind the projection screen to deliver a theater-quality audio experience.

Klipsch is best known for the quality of their speakers and audio equipment: the same craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail have been applied to the Real Custom Cinema line. With years of theatre audio systems research in their wheelhouse, Klipsch’s domestic engineers were able to incorporate the experience of cinema-level audio into a compact design, without compromising acoustic quality.

The Real Cinema Sound Series consists of three systems: the RCC-102, RCC-112 and RCC-122. Each system is designed to work best according to screen size and prices start at $29,995. Each Cinema Series model is outfitted with Titanium Diaphragm Compressions Drivers with massive voice coils, 90° x 60° Tractrix® Horns, and cinema Tractrix ports. Every component in the system is designed and manufactured in the US, and features free ProSystem design support, printed specs, and a certificate of authenticity. Each order is also labelled and signed by the craftsperson, a testament to the bespoke nature of this easy-to-order and install modular bundle.

For more information on where to obtain Klipsch Real Custom Cinema in Canada, please contact Gentec International at 905-513-7733 or email