Gentec International is pleased to introduce the Energy Blu-ray Player Lens Cleaner, designed to safely clean the lenses of Blu-ray players and Playstation 3 consoles to ensure optimum performance.

Just like a DVD player, the laser lens on a Blu-Ray player is susceptible to collecting dust and other harmful particles over time. These particles can degrade both the video and audio quality, resulting in a poor home theatre experience. The Energy Blu-ray Player Lens Cleaner safely and effectively cleans the optical lens using three ultra-fine, microfibre brushes that effectively remove dust and other small particles without damaging the delicate lens surface.

The disc also includes a series of high-resolution, surround sound audio tests and 1080p HD images to assist in the setup of your home theatre system.

The Energy Blu-ray Player Lens Cleaner (model EBD100) has a suggested retail price of $24.99.