Gentec International, the Canadian distributor of Klipsch speakers and headphones, announces the launch of the Klipsch STATUS, the company’s latest innovation in noise-isolating, over-ear headphones.

Perfectly-engineered with pristine yet virtually indestructible materials, the headphone combines over six decades of technology and acoustic innovation to produce a pure, first-class listening experience.

Constructed from the same durable material used in high-end eyewear and available in black and white finishes, the headphone’s frame, made of Grilamid TR® material, offers unsurpassed durability, while a gloss finish with subtle reflective highlights exudes both fashion and luxury. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and stability, the headphone features ear cups lined with high-density memory foam, optimized clamp force, as well as precisely dimensioned ear cup rotations to create a perfect seal around the ear.

With two detachable cloth cables similar to those used in premium HiFi systems, Klipsch STATUS headphones fit any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. One of the cables feature a three-button mic and remote, which is compatible with iPods, iPhones or iPads for complete music and call control. Aligned with Klipsch’s commitment to generate powerful, emotional music reproduction, the headphone maintains the same sound signature for which Klipsch is known. With dynamic, 40mm drivers, the product delivers crisp highs, deep bass, and zero distortion for a strikingly realistic listening experience.

This Klipsch STATUS offers the ideal blend of sound quality, comfort and portability for music enthusiasts who prefer an over-ear model. It also reflects Klipsch’s commitment to engineer products that establish a new listening standard.

Klipsch STATUS headphones have collapsible ear cups that fit nicely into the supplied travel case. Also included are two detachable cables, a ¼-inch adaptor, plus an airline adaptor. Klipsch STATUS headphones retail for $299 and are currently available in Canada.