Sigma Canada is pleased to announce a new high image quality compact camera from the SIGMA dp Quattro series, the “SIGMA dp0 Quattro”, incorporating the Foveon X3 direct image sensor.

The “SIGMA dp0 Quattro”utilizes a newly developed, high performance 14mm F4 lens (equivalent to a 21mm lens on a 35mm SLR), which is optimized to maximize the Quattro sensor’s performance from corner to corner. In order to achieve the highest optical performance, the lens features 4 FLD (“F” Low Dispersion) glass elements, which have performance equal to fluorite, 2 SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass elements and 2 aspheric lenses, including a wide double-sided aspheric lens. This reduces chromatic aberration and distortion, characteristics that are often present in super wide angle photography.

It offers sharp rendering performance from the maximum aperture, and the superior telecentric optical design improves image quality throughout the frame and maximizes the sensor’s ability by passing on information about subjects to the sensor.
Excellence in optical performance, the wide angle of view of 91 degrees and depth of field are ideal for architectural structures, interior photography and landscapes.

The Sigma dp0 has a suggested retail price (SRP) in Canada of $1,199.95 and is expected to ship in August.

Newly developed Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor now featuring 39 megapixel-equivalent ultra-high resolution
The newly developed Foveon X3 Quattro, shared with the dp1 and dp2 Quattro, is the latest generation of this unique sensor. While retaining the distinctive characteristics of its Merrill predecessors, it offers an even higher level of image quality. In addition to 30% higher resolution, the volume of image data has become lighter, enabling much faster image processing and lower current consumption.

Optimized for wide-angle image quality with 14mm F4 lens
Thanks to its optimized design featuring a 14mm fixed focal length lens (21mm full-frame equivalent) and integrated body, the dp0 Quattro offers both sensor and lens performance at the highest level. The 14mm lens features four FLD (“F” Low Dispersion) glass elements, equivalent to fluorite, and has two glass aspherical lenses to minimize optical aberrations.

Magnesium Body Construction
A solid, lightweight magnesium alloy framework is incorporated into the camera body. Providing rigidity and strength, the body is highly reliable and superior as a photographic tool.

9 point Auto Focus with Manual Focus override
The Sigma dp0 Quattro features 9 auto focus points with a user-friendly “Free move mode” allowing the photographer to select their desired focus points. The camera also features Face Detection AF, AF Limit Mode and Shutter Priority AF. By selecting “AF+MF mode”, the camera’s focus can be manually overridden by rotating the focus ring on the front of the lens while using the magnified LCD screen to judge critical focus.

14-bit RAW data with X3F file format
RAW data records the most information possible from the Quattro sensor into Sigma’s X3F raw file format. By using 14-bit technology, the camera’s TRUE III image processor is capable of producing 16,384 tones. This helps the dp0 Quattro achieve excellent tones and smooth gradation of subjects, excellent for landscape photography.

Exclusive Sigma Photo Pro Software
Sigma Photo Pro software makes it possible to process RAW/X3F data with easy to operate sliders for digital image development. The software is capable of producing stunning tones and gradation for which the Foveon X3 Quattro sensor is famed.