Change Your Mind? Change Your Mount.

Sigma’s Mount Conversion Service lets you keep your Sigma lenses even if you change camera systems.

Sigma has made it possible to invest in premium lenses and have the freedom to change your camera system without replacing your lenses. You can use the Mount Conversion Service to change the mount of your current lenses to any other mount offered by Sigma for those lenses.

• All lenses from Sigma’s Art, Contemporary and Sports lines are eligible for conversion.
• All conversions done at Sigma’s Aizu factory in Japan to ensure the highest level of quality control
• Converted lenses are fully compatible with the new camera system, with no loss of performance or functionality.
• Each converted lens must pass the same rigourous testing as all of Sigma’s new lenses before it leaves the factory.
• Changing your mount will not affect the seven-year Canadian warranty on your lens.
• Available starting September 2nd, 2013 (a fee will be charged for each conversion).

Level 1 – $150.00
Level 2 – $300.00
Level 3 – $500.00

With this service, can I exchange my lens for a new lens?
No, we will only replace the mount and related components on your lens, which will allow you to use the lens on your new camera.

Are all Sigma lenses supported by this service?
No, only lenses from Sigma’s three new product lines (Art, Contemporary, and Sports) are eligible.

Can I request the conversion of my lens to any mount of my choice?
Yes, as long as the lens has been released by Sigma in the requested mount.

Is it possible to revert to the original mount?
Yes, simply submit another request for the service; the conversion will be processed as a new request and will be charged accordingly.

Are there limitations on the function of the lens after the mount conversion?
No, the lens will function the same as any lens released by Sigma with the corresponding mount.

Is there any risk of performance degradation after the mount conversion?
No, your lens will be put through the same stringent quality-control testing as all of Sigma’s new lenses to ensure the highest level of performance.

Is there a cost for the Mount Conversion Service if my lens is still under warranty?
This is a paid service regardless of warranty coverage ($120 to $315, depending upon the lens being converted). Please read the chart under ‘Pricing’ on this page for more information.

How long will mount conversion take?
You will receive an estimated completion date when you submit your request.

Is there a limit on how long after I purchase my lens that I can have the mount converted?
Sigma will support lenses and offer the conversion for 5 years after they have been discontinued.

How can I request this service?
Please contact your nearest authorized Canadian Sigma retailer or click on the PDF under the Downloads section of this page.

After converting the mount, will you return the original parts you’ve removed?
No, parts will not be returned.

Is it possible to convert the mount of a lens multiple times?
Although it is possible, there may be limitations depending on the condition of your lens.

To apply for the service, can I contact the store where I bought my lens?
You may contact any authorized Canadian Sigma retailer or Gentec International to apply for the Mount Conversion Service.