For nearly 50 years, Magnat has been at the forefront of speaker design innovation, from 360˚ spherical plasma tweeters in the 80’s, to ceramic-aluminum drivers in the 90’s. Magnat continues to pave the way into the future as a leading speaker manufacturer across Europe and after 25 years of absence it’s now back in Canada. Today Magnat offers affordability coupled with quality and performance not seen for a long time.

Sound Is Our Passion

Perfect sound is not something that can be taken for granted but is, rather, a scientific process in which you get closer and closer to the final goal a step at a time until it is eventually reached. This is precisely our mission. We develop first-class products with a lot of passion and even more scientific expertise. We see the result in the constantly accurate measurement curves produced in the test laboratory and the outstanding appraisals given by the specialist press. Above all, though, we hear this every time one of our favourite songs emerges from a Magnat loudspeaker. That´s why we take our work very seriously at Magnat and also really enjoy doing it.