Pride in what we do and how we achieve it guides our philosophy to deliver to the global market equipment that is practical and well designed. Our Japanese foundation continues to influence the effort and dedication our team puts forth to innovate and manufacture products that enhance the human listening experience.

The goal of stirring people‚Äôs hearts and emotions through sound, from everyday small pleasures to extraordinary experiences, leads to the development of quality audio solutions that realize the kind of spatial performance capable of enriching people’s minds.


It is no surprise to us the respect and recognition TOA products receive globally. Approaching nine decades of refining audio excellence, the results remain impressive. Reliable public communication has built trust in the marketplace, people look to our products for more comfortable social communication. TOA has been able to take advantage of this trust and we have spread our wings to the public safety realm..

Working to provide solutions that will help achieve security and safety in society, the intelligibility of our audio products make a difference.