Gentec International is pleased to announce the new SNAPR Camera Bag + Sling Strap from Black Rapid. This innovative new product combines the popular sling design found on Black Rapid DSLR camera straps with a durable, padded case for compact digital cameras and video cameras.

Black Rapid camera straps are built for speed with a patent pending design that allows your camera to hang upside down from its tripod socket and slide up the strap into shooting position in a split second. The new Black Rapid SNAPR incorporates this revolutionary gliding strap system, making it the perfect solution for carrying your compact digital camera or video camera. Your camera rests upside down in the case, attached to the strap, ready to quickly slide from the case into shooting position. The secure connection means there’s no worry of dropping your camera.

The convenient 3-in-1 design includes the case, sling strap, and wrist strap – you can use all three together or each on its own. The universal case fits most popular compact point-and-shoot cameras and compact video cameras (up to 6” x 4” x 2”). The Black Rapid SNAPR has a suggested retail price of $59.99.