Director of Merchandising and Marketing, Imaging Division

James leads the product procurement, supply chain management and sales within Gentec’s famous imaging division. One of the company’s newest executive team members, he joined in 2019 after a long and successful career at Henry’s Camera, where he was VP of Merchandising. James’ expertise helps to make sure our imaging division is informed by the most up to date tools and methods, and he adds immense added value to our retail customers, providing recommendations to help them transform their business performance.

For James, the imaging business is all about striking the right balance between art and science. He first learned the art, starting out as an amateur portrait photographer with his first camera, a Canon EOS 650, in the late 1980s. As time went on, James got more fulfilment out of inspiring other budding photographers with equipment. He became more interested in the science of the business, using his knack for sales and management to find creative ways of modernizing businesses with analytics-driven assortment optimization and portfolio management.