Director of Marketing & Product Development

Jordan’s unique role at Gentec includes leading our marketing team and working across divisions to optimize product development. Although joining officially in 2011, he’s been involved in the family business for much longer, often spending his summers working in the warehouse. Even as a young child, he remembers following his dad around the office. Jordan’s vision for new trends and best practices has been put to good use, bringing extremely successful products to the market at great speed, and helping the company adapt to huge challenges like the COVID-19 lockdown.

Passionate about the family business, Jordan has spent his years with Gentec developing a deep knowledge for the products we sell – from photography equipment to electronics. With his love for gadgets and a keen eye for market trends, Jordan has created some of our most successful products including true wireless headphones and content creation accessories. Now working across divisions, Jordan is using his experience to make our product development processes as quick and effective as possible.

When he’s not in the office, Jordan is an avid street photographer. He completed his degree in Economics at Western University, and has since been completing Executive MBA courses at the Smith School of Business.