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Service & Warranty for iShieldz

Should you have an issue with your iShieldz Tempered Glass screen protector products, it may be covered under warranty. To initiate a replacement, please visit the website and complete the warranty replacement form.

iShieldz HD / KO / RX

Warranty Duration: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Warranty Description:

eShields is confident in the protective qualities of iShieldz HD/RX/KO film screen protectors. iShieldz HD/RX/RO film screen protectors are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If your iShieldz film screen protector is ever scratched, damaged in a way that interferes with the normal function of your device, it will be replaced for free.

To qualify for the iShieldz HD/RX/KO Film Limited Lifetime Warranty, you must register your purchase at :

In addition to registering on the website, you must also provide Proof of Purchase as follows:

A copy of your purchase receipt

UPC barcode from the back of the box

Please send the above to:

Fax: (909) 596-9846

*Shipping & Handling charge will apply for warranty replacements

For iShieldz Tempered Glass, please visit: iShieldz Tempered Glass Warranty

Warranty Duration: Limited Lifetime Warranty

iShieldz Tempered Glass Warranty

Warranty Information:

iShieldz is known for its renowned warranty protection. We are committed to the protection of your device screen.

Tempered Glass is designed to break, as it dissipates the force upon impact to help protect the screen of your device from breaking. By absorbing the impact when your device is dropped, iShieldz Tempered Glass minimizes damage to your screen.

This Limited Lifetime warranty for iShieldz Tempered Glass screen protectors protects against manufacturing defects such as discoloration, faulty silicone adhesive, warping, and rainbow line discoloration. In addition, this Limited Lifetime warranty covers everyday wear-and-tear, which includes scratches, chips and cracks.

To make a warranty claim, visit: iShieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector Replacement

Provide proof of purchase – A copy of the original sales receipt is required

Show defective iShieldz Tempered Glass – A digital image of the damaged glass screen protector is required

 You will be issued a replacement product. A shipping and handling charge of $9.99 (plus applicable taxes) will apply for all warranty replacement. In the event that the specific screen protector for your device is no longer available, a similar replacement product will be provided.

IMPROPER USE, PHONE UPGRADES, PHONE REPAIR REPLACEMENTS OR FAULTY INSTALLATIONS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY. The entire liability of the Gentec International and iShieldz shall be limited to the amount actually paid for the product by the original purchaser.

To use your Limited Lifetime Warranty for iShieldz Tempered Glass, please visit: iShieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector Replacement

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