What is Value-Added Distribution?

A value-added distributor (VAD) is a type of distributor that adds value to the products they distribute through various services such as technical support, training, marketing, and customization. The goal of a VAD is to provide more comprehensive and personalized solutions to customers, beyond just selling products.

VADs typically specialize in a specific product or technology area, and they have a deep understanding of the products they distribute, as well as the market and industry trends. They work closely with vendors to develop and deliver customized solutions to customers, often combining different products and technologies to meet specific needs.

Gentec is More Than Moving Boxes

(But we do that very well!)

In addition to providing technical support and training, VADs may also offer services such as pre-sales support, post-sales support, integration services, and consulting. By offering these additional services, VADs can help customers achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently.

Overall, a value-added distributor is a partner that adds value to the products they distribute, providing customers with more comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

What Gentec Offers

Product Development

Our team of product development experts are well versed in bringing new consumer electronics products to the Canadian market, from concept to launch. Gentec works with leading factories from around the globe, creating in-house brands and white-label products for our partners.

Product Repair & Support

Our factory trained technicians handle electronic, optical and hard-good service for leading brands such as Sony, SIGMA and Manfrotto. Gentec also partners with leading reverse-logistics partners in Canada to ensure your customers have a positive experience in after-sales support.

Traditional Distribution

Gentec operates a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Markham, Ontario with easy access to major highways. We ship across the country to major cities and remote locations. Our state-of-the-art warehouse ensures orders are picked, packed and shipped in the most efficient way.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing teams know the Canadian market. We have Sales Representatives across the country working with key dealers, showcasing products and educating sales staff. Our in-house marketing team are experts in packaging, translations and online product promotion.


Our eCommerce division builds world-class online experiences for our brands, providing rich marketing experiences and supporting complete product line availability from coast to coast. Utilizing our existing distribution network and support teams, customers can purchase from the brands they love with confidence. 

Custom Fit Solutions

In business, one size doesn't fit all. We pride ourselves on working with our brands and retailers to provide tailored solutions for their needs. Whether it's complex API-driven integrations, unique support programs or a unique combination of services from this section, we have what your business needs in Canada.

Canadian Retailers We Work With

and hundreds more from Whitehorse to St. John's.