Gitzo Mountaineer Series 2 Tripod 4-Section Long

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  • GT2543L is a long 4-section Series 2 tripod designed to reach eye-level when fully extended. Sturdy and perfectly balanced the GT2543L is recommended for DSLRs with 200mm lenses (up to a maximum of 300mm).
  • Carbon eXact tubes G-lock Ultra leg locks and new Ground Level Set. Top leg section diameter: 29.0mm
  • Carbon eXact: Revolutionary Carbon eXact tubes are even stiffer to maximize rigidity and image stability. Carbon eXact optimizes the fibre composition for each tube size using HM (High Modulus) carbon fibre in the narrower tubes to make them stiffer. The tube diameters are also optimized: the final leg section of a 4 section Series 1 tripod is now 22.5% thicker than its predecessor.
  • G-lock Ultra: Gitzo has redesigned the G-lock internally and externally introducing a new leg locking system: G-lock Ultra. It creates new level of ergonomics and resistance with smoother softer operation while reducing dust entering the system.
  • Ground Level Set: Completely redesigned for faster operation Mountaineer’s Ground Level Set mechanism permit to remove the centre column to get the camera closer to the ground. A single simple unlocking ring under the column’s upper disc frees the column while keeping the upper disc solidly in place on the tripod. (Patent Pending).

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