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Made for the professional, your advanced massage therapist

New humane design for solo massage

Extensive testing and debugging culminated in a more humane design for the new KiCA Evo Massage device. The ergonomic L-shaped handle is rotatable to 113 degrees allowing to comfortably massage your back without assistance and 6 stepless gears allow to control the pressure and hit all the right spots.

Foldable design for total freedom

Thanks to its space-saving and compact design, the massage arm can fold back into the handle when not in use, making it convenient to take anywhere.

Professional grade deep massage, precision to muscle activation

The KiCA Evo Massage device is exceptionally capable, thanks to our new generation of high-performance brushless motors. At maximum speed, the 3200rpm motor delivers an incredible 10kg of thrust that reaches 12mm deep into the muscles with every strike. Highly effective at breaking down lactic acid and quickly rejuvenating muscles.

Comfortable hot packs for the ultimate experience.

Use the 40 degress C hot compress after a workout when your muscles are tense to promote blood circulation and accelerate muscle recover, restoring your body to its full potential.

Extendable handle, massage your whole body solo

As most massage guns on the market have short handles resulting in difficulties when massaging your own shoulders, neck or calf, the KiCA Evo Massage was designed with an innovative retractable handle. So when the body is tired, simply pull out the extension handle to reach comfortably all over your body.

6 Professional massage heads, specific for each muscle group

Spherical head – relaxes soft tissues and sensitive muscles

U-shaped head – massages the neck (not cervical vertebrae) and tendons

Cone head – massages deep tissue like meridians and acupuncture points

Tree head – relaxes both large and small sensitive muscle groups

Wedge head – massages the lumbar and leg muscles

Heating head – warms all muscles of the body

Massage where it hurts and stay relaxed

Relaxing at leisure, releasing physical fatigue, and restoring vitality.

Prevents lactic acid buildup after workouts and reduces soreness.

Massage the shoulder, neck and lumbar spine to relieve stress brought on by sedentary office work.

A full body massage to release body fatigue after a busy day at home.

Intelligent protection, professional safety

To avoid injuring your muscles and bones from massaging the same area for too long, the KiCA Evo Massage device has built-in 10-minute motor lock function for added protection and scientific and professional safety. It also has locked motor protection switching to standby mode when rotation is blocked for 10 seconds and turns off if not used within 3 minutes.

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