KiCA MINI2 Percussive Massager Black


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Massage Device Lighter, Smaller and More Powerful

Aviation aluminum, minimalist and delicate

Aviation aluminum with CNC precision machining technology builds an integrated and delicate appearance.

Ergonomic design

Continuation of the classic T-shaped design. Arc fits in the palm, makes holding comfortable. Massage the whole body easily with only one hand.

Small, compact, portable

The body is only 220g. Fits in the pocket easily when you go out. 

Intelligent protection to safeguard your health

To avoid injuring your muscles and bones from massaging the same area for too long,  the KiCA Mini 2 massage device inherits the 10-minute motor lock and locked motor protection functions from the first generation to ensure your safety.

4 Gear speed regulation to meet different massage needs

  • First gear 1700rpm for muscle awakening
  • Second gear 2400rpm for muscle relaxation
  • Third gear 3000 for deep massage
  • Fourth gear 1700-3000rmp for circle physiotherapy

Intelligent massage, precision care

In addition to its own flat head, there are 3 professional massage heads precisely relaxing each muscle.

  • Conical head impacts deep tissues
  • U-shaped head massages neck and Achilles tendon
  • Spherical head to relax large muscle groups

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