AAMP LP34 - LOC Pro Series 4-Channel

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  • PROFESSIONALLY ENGINEERED - Engineered to optimize audio levels between radio and amplifier to achieve the best audio performance and avoid noise. PACs L.O.C. PRO redefines the line output converter. All feature full 20-20k +/-1.5db frequency response. Unique Stereo Gain controls and universal harness.
  • IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND - Designed from the ground-up to offer more flexibility and improved performance. The new enhanced line features precision stereo gain pots and a Universal Harness which are exclusive to L.O.C. PRO. AND with improved frequency response reduction in size and higher power now with 55w per channel L.O.C. PRO meets all your install needs! .
  • ULTRA COMPACT SIZE FOR GREATER FLEXIBILITY - When install space is at a premium L.O.C. PRO has you covered. 33% smaller size means more room for vital components.
  • Accepts both high level and low level input.
  • Single Stereo Gain controls.
  • Ultra compact housings - acheived by recessing transformers into circuit board.
  • High Power - conservatively rated @ 55watts per channel.
  • Full 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response (+/- 1.5 dB) .
  • Single harness design.
  • Wire-tie or screw mounting provisions.

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