Midland Headsets For Lxt and Gxt Models

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  • Midland over the ear headsets
  • Two over the ear headsets
  • Push to talk feature
  • Works with all Midland Extra-Talk & G-Series Radios
  • Compatible with: G-225 G-226 G-227 G-300 G-300M GXT250 GXT255 GXT300 GXT325 GXT400 GXT444 GXT450 GXT500 GXT550 GXT555 GXT565 GXT600 GXT635 GXT650 GXT656 GXT661 GXT700 GXT710 GXT735 GXT750 GXT771 GXT756 GXT757 GXT800 GXT808 GXT850 GXT860 GXT881 GXT720 GXT775 GXT895 GXT900 GXT950 GXT740 GXT785 GXT1000 GXT1050 GXT2000 GXT2050 GXT5000 LXT80 LXT110 LXT112 LXT114 LXT118 LXT210 LXT216 LXT310 LXT410 LXT300 LXT303 LXT305 LXT315 LXT320 LXT350 LXT420 LXT435 LXT276 LXT330 LXT335 LXT376 LXT318 LXT319 LXT440 LXT322 LXT323 LXT324 LXT340 LXT345 LXT460 LXT360 LXT365 LXT480 LXT500 LXT535 LXT560 LXT600
  • Compatible X-Talker Series: T31VP T51VP3 T55VP3 T61VP3 T65VP3 T71VP3 and T75VP3

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