Managing Director, Sporting Goods

Alan Topp
Alan directs Gentec’s sporting goods division, which involves procuring our popular products, managing sales representatives across the country, and personally handling some of our top accounts. He was in at the ground floor when Gentec began in 1990 and has since built a reputation as one of the leading sporting goods experts in Canada. Not only does Alan guide his division with key product insights, but he has helped forge Gentec’s proud culture of quick and trustworthy service.

In three decades at Gentec, Alan has seen the technology and quality of sporting goods advance by leaps and bounds. He is proud to lead a team representing leading brands like Zeiss and Midland, distributing unique products to Canadian customers. Alan knows how important it is to make sure Gentec’s partners are looked after properly, and he has built long and trusting relationships with suppliers and retailers. They know that if there’s a problem, it will be resolved.

When he’s not in the office, Alan loves to spend time fishing for pike and walleye in northeastern Ontario. Before his career, he completed a degree in Business Administration at Ryerson College.