Managing Director, Audio Division

Dick Tuerlings
Dick manages every aspect of Gentec’s audio division, from buying and selling products to building strategies to stay ahead of industry trends. Having joined the company in 2009, he has since built the division into one of Canada’s largest audio distributors. Thanks to Dick’s stewardship, Gentec’s audio division is highly respected across the country, with strong, trusted partnerships and a proven track record for success.

Dick’s journey into the audio world was far from conventional. Emigrating to Canada at 19 years old, he began his career helping his family to create a windsurfing business. Dick then found a retail job in the audio business and never looked back. Before joining Gentec, he was a Senior Market Manager at Klipsch, now one of the partner brands he looks after. Dick loves how quickly the audio industry changes and the passion of the people in the sector. For him, few things can match the experience of a good audio system, transforming you to a nostalgic past or into a special state of consciousness.

Outside the office, Dick lives on a farm in the countryside where he rides horses, cuts wood and holds bonfires. As an audio fanatic with a good set up at home, he also enjoys having no close neighbours to disturb.