Alpine HCE-C2100RD Universal Multi View Rear View Camera

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This Alpine HCE-C2100RD rear camera system makes it easier to reverse when driving. Its image sensors have HDR for accommodating variances in light levels so images appear clear, and it provides four viewing angles, up to 180 degrees to the left and right, for increased visibility. This Alpine rear camera system is compatible with Alpine touch-screen receivers.The new CMOS image sensors have HDR which allows very large variances in light to be handled without washing out the image or being too dark. 4 different viewing angles for up to 180°of vision left and right making it easy to what’s lurking around the corner, behind you.

Designed for Alpine in-dash A/V systems

The direct connection ensures the highest picture quality day or night.

HDR image quality

The High Dynamic Range (HDR) drive assist camera has incredible image quality in varying levels of light. This feature eliminates image wash-out common when going from areas of heavy shade into areas with bright sunlight.

1/4" CMOS image sensor

Provides crisp, clear images with 1280 x 960 resolution.

Water-resistant and dust-proof system design 

Stands up to the harshest conditions.

180° horizontal and 70° vertical viewing angles

Offer a wide range of vision, so you can clearly see what's behind your vehicle.

Universal mounting bracket

Simplifies installation.

Selectable four view modes

Including Rear, Panorama, Corner and Ground for multiple parking options.

1.5 lx to 100,000 lx illumination range

Ensures the highest picture quality day or night. Amazing night-view capabilities in low-light environments Fast exposure adjustment when moving from dark to bright environments (for example underground parking, tunes, etc) New, small connectors for easy installation of camera and cables

Rear View [Back]

Rear View displays what is directly behind the car. Use this when reserving into a parking space, for example.

Panorama View [Panorama]

Panorama View displays a wide view behind the car. Use this when you want to view a wider than normal area behind the car.

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