Gitzo Traveler Series 2 Tripod 4-Section

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  • GT2545T is the without head version of the Traveler Tripod Kit GK2545T-82QD.
  • Traveler Tripods with the 180° leg folding system pioneered by Gitzo makes more efficient use of folded space by accommodating the centre column and head in between the folded tripod legs. They are now even stronger with the state of the art “Carbon eXact” tubes more space efficient with the compact Traveler G-lock and easier to carry with the supplied shoulder strap.
  • Series 2 tripod GT2545T has the largest tube diameters among Traveler tripods. It is much taller than its predecessor thanks to the space efficient Traveler G-lock. Recommended for use with 200mm lenses (300mm maximum) it is ideal for photographers using longer lenses or requires the highest stability. The feet are interchangeable with Gitzo’s optional feet such as spikes and large feet.

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