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Triggered by your turn signals, advanced microwave radar technology identifies moving objects (such as cars), in your side blind spots. With extreme accuracy, you are able to avoid potential accidents with the system's visual and audible alert. The visual alert is located within the vehicle, easily seen within the line of sight of the side view mirrors.

Note: This microwave blind spot detection system may cause radar detectors to alarm under certain circumstances.


Accurate & Responsive Microwave Sensors that have fewer false starts than earlier ultrasonic sensors&
Audible & Visual Alerts&
Flush mounted LED indicators, not self-adhesive like the competition&
Simple installation, no drilling holes into bumper. Installs on the left and right inner corners of rear bumper. Can be used in conjunction with most rear sensors&
Universal for Cars and SUVs (not to be used with metal bumpers)&
Detects vehicles in your blind-spot up to a range of 15m/50ft&
IP67 rated, reliable in any weather conditions

Kits Includes:

2 Sensors
2 LED Indicators
Power Harness
Control Module
Speaker with volume control
Hole Saw
Wiring harness

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