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From the TOA 900 series of mixer/amplifiers, the A-912MK2 is a customizable unit ideal for background music, paging, on-hold messages, and other applications in hospitals, airports, schools and other similar venues. The A-912MK2 is designed for high performance with a low self-noise, a wide frequency response, and excellent output regulation. This 120W unit features 8 input channels that accept any combination of TOA's plug-in modules for ultimate customizability. The front panel features a master volume control and individual channel volume controls, as well as bass and treble controls.

Input capacity may be increased by connecting another mixer or mixer/amplifier to the bridge in/out jack. The unit features transformer-isolated outputs, and a direct output mode if non-transformer operation is desired.

Type 8-channel mixer power amplifier
Power Requirement AC mains, 120 V, 60 Hz
Power Consumption 180 W
Output Power 120 W RMS
Power Band Width (D) 20 〜 20,000 Hz, 0.5% THD, (T) 50 〜 20,000 Hz, 0.5% THD
Frequency Response (D) 20 〜 20,000 Hz, ±1 dB
(T) 20 〜 15,000 Hz, ±1 dB, (T) 20 〜 20,000 Hz, +1 dB, -3 dB
T.H.D 0.02% at 1 kHz, rated output
Inputs Eight Input Ports : Each port accepts any input modules.
One Bridging Input/Output
Input Sensitivity /Impedance Input Port #1 to #8 : 100 mV/10 kΩ
Bridging Input/Output : 100 mV/3.3 kΩ
Preamp OUT /Power Amp IN 1000 mV into 600 Ω/1000 mV, 10 kΩ
Outputs(T)=Transformer (D)=Direct Main (T) : 8 Ω, 25 and 70 volts, balanced, Main (D) : 4 Ω, unbalanced
Aux : 10 kΩ, 1 V
Output Regulation(1kHz) (D) Less than 0.5 dB, no load to full load
(T) Less than 1.0 dB, no load to full load
S/N Ratio(Band Pass 20 〜 20,000 Hz) Tone defeat switch on Master volume min : 90 dB
Master volume max : 77 dB
Power amplifier only : 105 dB
Tone Controls Bass : ±10 dB at 100 Hz, Treble : ±10 dB at 10 kHz
Controls 8 Input gain control 1 Master gain control 1 Bass control
1 Treble control 1 Power ON/OFF switch 1 Tone defeat switch
1 Low-Cut switch (60 Hz, 6 dB/octave)
Indicators 1 Power LED, 1 Protect LED, 1 Signal LED, 1 Normal LED, 1 Peak LED
Protection Self-protection, with AC fuse (inside)
Connectors Input No.1 to No.8 : Card-edge connector
Bridging, Mixer preamp. output, Power amp. input, Aux output : RCA phono jack
Output : Screw-terminal strip
Mute, Remote VR : Screw-terminal strip
AC outlet : 3-pin grounding type
AC power cord/plug : SJT, 3-prong type
Temperature Range -10℃ 〜 +60℃ (12゜F 〜 140゜F)
Finish Black
Dimensions(W×H×D) 420(16.54") × 99.1(3.90") × 358(14.09") mm
Weight 11.4 kg (25.13 lb.)
Accessories Volume control cover (YA-920)……4
Option Rack mounting bracket (MB-25B)

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